Activator + Glow
in the dark

Make slime the easy way, it never fails. Turn off the lights and be amazed!

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Activator +
Glow in the dark

The Activator allows you to make all kinds of Slimes safely and without using other products in seconds!

The easiest glow-in-the-dark Slime ever!

Just mix it slowly with the glue, stir and apply little by little until you reach the consistency you like. The Glow in the Dark glue contains luminescent pigments that recharge with light and last for hours. You can make mind-blowing Slimes.


Create your own Slime lamp!

Mix the activator with the glow in the dark glue, you can also add coloured stones. Once you have the Slime ready, put it in a transparent jar, add some of the LED lights that come with a box for the batteries and a switch and leave the switch on the outside. You’ll have a super lamp with light and when you turn it off, it will still glow in the dark – how cool is that?

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