Repair with
Extra Strong

The most versatile adhesive, withstands shocks, vibrations, sticks all materials and is environmentally friendly: SOLVENT FREE!

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The innovative closure prevents the glue from drying out after each use. You can use it intermittently without any problem and for a long time. It is super powerful, up to 150kg/cm2 and with extra performance, especially for large surfaces. It is vibration resistant, dishwasher safe and, thanks to its 60 second action, it doesn't stick your fingers! Glues wood, metal, plastics, leather, cork, rubber, stone, slate and much more!

Fixes cups, slippers, toys and other household utensils.

1. Glue all materials together, it is heat and cold resistant and can be put in the dishwasher. 2. Apply a layer on one part, join the parts until they fit together and hold the pressure for 60 seconds. As if nothing had happened…

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