Repair with
Epoxi Monodose

Nothing can resist it: it seals, fills and repairs. Knead and apply, it's as easy as that.

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Epoxy Putty Single dose

Epoxy putty sticks have two components which, when mixed, harden even under water. You can mould it to your liking so that it adapts to spaces, fills in parts of broken pieces, etc… Once dry, you can sand it and paint it to your liking. A must in your home Moreover, the single-dose format is specially designed for domestic repairs, with the ideal amount to avoid wasting any of the product.

Seal, Fill, Repair, Reuse!

Don’t throw away your broken objects. You can easily rebuild ceramic bowls and pots from your garden, even if you are missing small pieces. Moreover, you can paint them afterwards. Their universal character and their filling capacity allow you to use the sticks also on glass, wood and metals. Join metal parts such as gardening shovels that have been separated from the handle. They will be in one piece! You can fix the hinge of a cupboard door that has given way, even if the wood or metal is damaged. Knead the Epoxy, fill until the hinge is crimped and let it dry. Your repair will hold up without any problems. The putty’s resistance to temperature changes and humidity, as well as its filling ability, allows you to seal gaps or cracks in pipes and plumbing. It dries in about five minutes and is perfectly resistant to adverse conditions such as cold, heat, rain, snow, etc…

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