Universal Fertilizer

Strengthen your indoor plants, balcony or terrace. Provides nutrients and protects from diseases

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Universal fertilizer

The Universal Fertilizer provides nutrients and corrects the possible deficiencies of your plants.

Its balanced formula strengthens all types of vegetation.

Start a garden at home

In order to start the task of having an organic garden at home, the first thing is to be clear about the climate, it will condition the plants and the areas where you are going to cultivate. For example, in areas with a lot of rain you can grow cauliflower and cucumbers without any problem and in drier areas it is better to choose carrots, onions or potatoes. We recommend you plant the vegetables according to their season and inform yourself of the space that each one requires.

To get started you can grow tomato plants in a large planter or lettuce in a pot. In fact, these crops can be grown on the balcony with a couple of bushes of peppers or a few radishes. If the crop volume is growing, we recommend using the Concentrated Fertilizer since you can dilute it with water and it will last much longer.

Create your own indoor garden and fill your home with life

To have your green area at home, we recommend that you choose an area with direct sunlight. Place large plants in the back and small plants in front , as the latter die more easily. You can place stones to provide greater aesthetics and maintain humidity. The plants that we recommend are: the ficus , since you have a great variety to choose from and it is resistant; The elephant plant is very showy for its large trunk and necklace of hearts , since it does not need direct sun and only needs a couple of waterings per month. Others, like the rosary plant and the croton , are also easy to care for.

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