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The Super Glue that glues everything in 5 sec. Includes a cleaner for possible residues and a gel version, it doesn’t drip!

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Super Glue + Gel + Cleaner

Instant Adhesive bonds a wide variety of materials, such as metals, porcelain, marble, plastics, rubber, glass, rubber, wood, etc. together or in combination. We recommend using the Gel version when the pieces do not fit together perfectly and you need a little filler between the parts. Glues everything together in 5 seconds.


Seal, Fill, Repair, Reuse!

A must in every home. The all-rounder that solves any emergency. Always have it in your DIY drawer. Ideal for leather, wood, ceramics, marble, plastics, cork… an endless number of materials. The typical buckle that loses a metal rivet can be repaired in 5 seconds with a couple of drops of Instant Adhesive, no need to go down to the cobbler. Stubborn mug handles… at the slightest knock, your favourite mug suffers a mishap. No problem, one drop on each broken part and it’s as good as new. Any shoe repair, whether it’s stitching, rubber or heels, is fixed in seconds. Who hasn’t stuck their toes at some time? And that intrepid drop that jumps on your jeans? No problem, Glue Cleaner is your solution. If your fingers are stuck, gently wiggle them while applying Glue Cleaner, they will gradually peel off. For clothes, put a drop of cleaner on them and put a tea towel on top to absorb. In minutes it’s as if nothing happened.

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