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Eco glue

Plant-based glue and fully recyclable packaging. For even more sustainable handicrafts!

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Eco glue handicrafts

Glue of natural and eco-sustainable origin, for all kinds of crafts. Glues paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, cork, photos, etc... And recyclable!

Cool animal masks We show you how!

1 Take a box you have at home, it could be a shoe box, a packaging from a shipment, etc… 2 Cut out coloured felt for the background, in our case, yellow if it’s for a tiger, brown if it’s for a sloth or white in this case: a cat! 3 Line the whole box with the chosen colour, gluing it with Eco Glue. 4 Add all the details you want, eyes, ears, mouth, etc. Use cardboard, pompoms, wooden sticks, anything you can think of!



Personalise your wooden box.
Transfer a photo to wood, very easy.

1 The photo should be printed on normal paper, but remember, if it has text on it, you should print it upside down so that it reads correctly when you transfer it. 2 Cut the photos to the size you need. Clean the surface of the box and apply the Eco Glue. Apply the Eco Glue to the paper as well, but on the printed side. 3 Place the paper with the photo on the glued wood, making sure there are no bubbles or creases. 4. Wait 24 hours for it to dry. 5 Wet the glued paper, rubbing patiently until everything falls off and only the box with the printed photo remains.
If you want a better result, apply varnish.

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