Power Epoxy

An epoxy to solve thousands of problems, repairs, rebuilds, reinforces… 3 times more powerful than a normal epoxy!

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Power Epoxy

The two-component putty is resistant to water, high temperatures, weak acids, oil, gas and humidity. It is practical and very strong. REPAIRS ALL TYPES OF MATERIALS.


Seal, Fill, Repair, Reuse!


The Ultimate Solution for Repairs and Constructions

Power Epoxy is a revolutionary epoxy designed to solve a wide range of problems. This unique formula is three times more potent than conventional epoxies, and its convenient single-use formulation makes it even more convenient. It is exceptionally resistant, withstanding high temperatures, humidity, shocks and even acids. Its water resistance guarantees permanent and durable bonds. In addition, it is able to withstand weak acids, oil, gas and the most adverse humidity. Its application is simple: clean the surfaces, mix until a homogeneous color is obtained and apply with pressure. Power Epoxy cures completely in 24 hours, and once dry, it can be sanded, drilled, shaped, painted and much more.

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